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Meat Attraction presents its internationalisation proposals for the town’s eponymous Iberian ham sector.

16 May 2019

At "Debate Forums with the Meat Industry. Challenges and opportunities for the sector", a conference held in Jabugo, Huelva,

The fair is set to be a vital development tool for a meat industry as emblematic as the Iberian ham products from the region of Jabugo, Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.The mayor of Jabugo, Gilberto Domínguez Sánchez, highlighted the importance of the Iberian ham sector for the economy and the importance of his region of Huelva, and thanked Meat Attraction, the International Trade Show for the Meat Industry, for once again presenting its proposals for the internationalisation of the sector before an important group of entrepreneurs from the Iberian ham sector of Jabugo.

Gilberto Domínguez took part in “Foros de debate con la industria cárnica. Retos y oportunidades para el sector" ("Debate Forums with the Meat Industry. Challenges and opportunities for the sector "), held in the town of Jabugo, Huelva and organised by Meat Attraction with the collaboration of Jabugo Town Hall. He expressed an appreciation of the importance of initiatives such as this fair for industry, and announced that the ideal format for Jabugo’s participation and presence at Meat Attraction is currently being studied, which garnered the support of the attending entrepreneurs.

Also participating in the conference was Juan Carlos Tejero, General Director of Domingo del Palacio (DOMPAL), which is about to inaugurate its new plant in Jabugo. In his speech, he presented the experience of an entrepreneur who is committed to international fairs such as Meat Attraction , since the commercial development strategies of companies in the sector hinge upon these kinds of vertical and highly specialised events, which are the most effective way of positioning the Spanish production and marketing sector as one of the world's leading suppliers. “Customers from all over the world will be present at the fair, which is a great opportunity for our companies," he added.

For its part, agri-food expert Ricardo Migueláñez stressed that this edition of Meat Attraction is going to be "the ham edition", and that the protected designations of origin like Jabugo can get significant visibility there, since they have a lot of development potential in international markets. In his speech he pointed out that food products with differentiated quality are an opportunity both for the domestic and international market, and analysed the current data of PDOs (Protected Designations of Origin) and PGIs (Protected Geographical Indications), emphasising the socio-economic and environmental benefits of these operations and their immense commercial potential, as they are unique products, valued inside and outside our borders, and, as in the case of Jabugo Ham, are ambassadors, and part of the image of Brand Spain throughout the world.

Meanwhile, Raúl Calleja , Director of Meat Attraction and the Agri-Food Fair Area of IFEMA, highlighted that the fair aims to position Spain and its meat industries as one of the main international hubs for the marketing of meat products through a vertical, hyperspecialised, monographic event for the entire meat value chain, with the clear aim of increasing the sales of the exhibiting companies.

The Director of Meat Attraction made it clear that the fair was once again reaching out to all the companies in Jabugo, recalling that the first place where the fair initiative was presented, in 2017, was indeed in Jabugo, and reiterated a firm commitment to the Iberian pork sector and to its domestic and international development.

In this regard, he informed the conference attendees that this edition of Meat Attraction will include IbéricoLand, a new monographic and specialised space for companies that market Iberian Pork Products, with the goal of giving these operations that make up a fundamental part of our cuisine their own identity, and also pointed out that the B2Meat b2b meeting workshops between exhibitors and a highly representative group of international buyers, will also have their own dedicated Iberian Pork space on 17 September in Hall 10, while recalling that, through the buyers programme, exhibitors can invite contacts and potential customers directly, with their travel and accommodation costs covered by IFEMA.

Meat Attraction is the specialised professional event for the Spanish meat industry, which will hold its third edition from 17 to 19 September. It is organised by IFEMA and ANICE (Asociación Nacional de Industrias de la Carne de España - National Association of Meat Industries of Spain). 400 exhibitors and 20,000 professionals from 50 countries are expected to participate in the fair, which will have numerous tools to offer business opportunities and value to exhibitors.

This edition will include different events and activities of great interest, such as the X Congreso Mundial del Jamón (10th World Ham Congress), the second edition of #Distrimeat , the European Meat Distribution Congress, the Meat&Organic Congress or Meatic , the Conference on Automation and Digitalisation in Industry, the Innovation Hub, the directory of new developments and star products of all the fair’s exhibitors, and the Accelera Innovation Awards, as well as other activities such as Semana de la Carne (Meat Week), Factoría Chef and Día del Carnicero (Butcher's Day). All with the goal of attracting all the major retail procurement managers, supermarkets, importers, meat traders, HORECA, etc. to come together and build the definitive international commercial platform for the entire meat industry value chain.

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