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MEAT ATTRACTION obtains International Trade Fair classification

MEAT ATTRACTION obtains International Trade Fair classification

13 Feb 2019

The third edition will be held from 17 to 19 September at IFEMA

Meat Attraction, the Trade Show for the Meat Industry, which will hold its third edition from 17 to 19 September, has obtained International Trade Fair classification from the State Trade Secretariat for the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, published in the Official State Gazette of 28 December 2018.

For IFEMA and the National Association of Meat Industries of Spain (ANICE), who are organising the trade show alongside the Meat Attraction Organising Committee, this classification is highly relevant as this is a young event with only two editions on its belt so far, which shows the great strategic importance of the event's international focus. The event is aimed at consolidating international markets and strengthening and accelerating the ability to open new export markets for specific product categories.

For Raúl Calleja, Director of the Food and Agricultural Trade Fairs Area of IFEMA and of Meat Attraction, "this international classification allows us to expand and reposition the focus of the international meat sector specialist distribution event, and gives us access to new international promotion channels in strategic markets, with a view to helping companies increase their business opportunities on the international market"
The good results of the two previous editions contributed decisively to this international trade fair classification. The number of visitors in the second edition, held from 18 to 20 September 2018, rose by about 30% compared to the first edition, with professionals from 43 countries, mainly Italy (15%), Portugal (14%), France (13.8%), Colombia (6.9%), Japan (4.1%) and the Netherlands (4%). These data highlight the strategic international dimension of MEAT ATTRACTION as a global commercial meeting point aimed at enhancing and expanding target markets for our exports and continuing to position and consolidate the Spanish sector as one of the world's leading suppliers with the full diversity and quality of its meat products.
For Almudena de Castro, commercial manager of Meat Attraction, "the clear international vocation and orientation of the trade show, with China as a Guest Importer, the monographic B2Meats by specific product categories and markets, the International Guest Programme, and the promotional commitment to strategic destinations for our exports will serve as an instrument to help companies and the sector, contribute to positioning Spanish companies as the best meat suppliers in the world, and turn Madrid into the new international hub for the commercialisation of meat products".
With its international classification, MEAT ATTRACTION has a number of advantages for exhibiting companies, such as its inclusion in the official calendar of international ICEX, Spain Exports and Investments, trade fairs, and in the plan to promote Spanish trade offices abroad, as well as the chance to gain access to the aid programmes of autonomous regions and chambers of commerce.