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01 July 2020

INTEROVIC supports the H&C channel with a virtual tour of the best cuts of lamb and kid meat for delivery

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As the entity in charge of promoting awareness of the potential of sheep and goat meat, the Inter-Branch Agri-Food Organisation for the Sheep and Goat Meat Industry, Interovic, organised a virtual workshop specially designed for professionals from the H&C channel.

Those in charge of carrying out the only foodservice possible at present had at their disposal the opportunity to discover, from a chef specialising in sheep and goat meat, Javier Robles, everything that these products can offer them. In addition to offering a showcase on traditional cuts and the new presentations that the production sector has made available to professionals, Robles will prepare three recipes specially designed for the delivery format. These presentations are specially developed so that the dishes can withstand the waiting time that separates the kitchens from the end customer’s home.
The medium-term future of the hospitality industry is to make its services profitable with the only options which are currently viable. This covers the preparation of dishes for take away using any of the delivery platforms that have already been implemented throughout Spain or the preparation of menus to pick up from the establishment itself. On such a tight playing field, there is an overriding need to overcome the lack of traditional alternatives with creativity and ingenuity in order to fill the spaces.
For food-conscious customers
European-sourced lamb and kid meats are an ideal option for all those who wish to add to their digital offering the added values that their inclusion in menus entails. It is a local product, with proven environmental and social benefits. But, above all, it involves meats of gastronomic excellence which must be prepared properly so that the customer at home can enjoy them in all their splendour.
Suckling lamb shanks in cider served with apples
Leg of suckling lamb
Natural cider
Sweet onion
Rice flour
Fresh rosemary

Cut the leg into 2 shanks, spread with extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), season with salt and pepper and bake at 220ºC for 15 minutes on a tray with a sprig of rosemary. Once this time has passed, remove from the container and collect the juices, pouring a little cider on them that we will then add to the sauce. Peel and slice the apple and bake with a little butter and sugar for 5 minutes also at 220ºC.
In a frying pan, fry a little chopped onion and apple in butter, add a little rice flour and once it is smooth and lump-free, pour in cider to taste. Add the cider from the oven tray, the juices that the meat has released and reduce until it reaches the desired texture. Fillet the shank and serve with the cider sauce and the baked apple garnish. Finish by decorating it with a sprig of fresh rosemary.
Tournedos of lamb in Modena balsamic vinegar with pickles
1 lamb tournedos per person
Modena balsamic vinegar
Cooked beetroot
Salt and black pepper
Mini Gherkins
Pickled chives
Wholegrain mustard
Rice flour

Pan fry the tournedos, turning them over, leaving them medium rare. Remove them and set them aside on a plate. In the same frying pan, sauté the pickles and chives with a little oregano and a tablespoon of wholegrain mustard. Once sauteed, remove them to a plate and set aside. Add a drop of EVOO and a little rice flour. Melt and then add a good quantity of beetroot cubes, half a glass of Modena balsamic vinegar, another half-glass of water and bring to a boil. Add sugar or salt as necessary.
Just before pan frying them, place the tournedos in the sauce and brown them slightly on both sides. Serve garnished with sauteed pickles.
Cubes of leg of kid meat in soy sauce stir-fried in a wok with curried vegetables
1 boneless leg of kid meat
500 ml of soy sauce
Seasonal vegetables (carrot, broccoli, red onion, red pepper, celery)
Curry powder
Black sesame
Black pepper

Bone the leg of kid meat and cut it into cubes of about 2 cm. Marinate in the soy sauce and leave it in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
Clean and cut the vegetables into thick sticks. In a frying pan, fry the sesame seeds and stir fry the cubes of kid meat over them until they are well browned. Remove them to a plate and set aside. In the same frying pan, sauté the vegetables separately until they are “al dente” and mix them once they are all stir fried and add the curry. Mix well and serve on a plate. Place the cubes of kid meat on the vegetables.

The suckling lamb, lamb and goat meat industry, united in its inter-branch association, INTEROVIC, with the support of the European Union, has launched a comprehensive agenda of activities aimed at promoting knowledge of traditional grazing and the social, cultural, economic and environmental benefits that are offered by the consumption of these meats.
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