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08 February 2022

INSPECTRA to present its machine vision equipment for the meat industry at Meat Attraction

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Inspectra, manufacturer of artificial vision equipment for the automation of quality inspection processes in the food industry, will present different equipment specially designed for the meat industry at Meat Attraction 2022.

One of its most prominent equipment, Thermoseal Inspector, analyzes any type of packaged product, verifying the integrity of the sealing area of heat-sealed containers. The equipment has high-resolution RGB vision systems and can incorporate hyperspectral vision for the detection of complex faults that go unnoticed by the human eye, such as melted grease. The equipment has software that allows the creation of weld inspection and labeling programs, as well as printed codes for different types of packaging.

Another piece of equipment that will solve the problems of the meat industry is Slice Inspector. The equipment analyzes any type of sliced product: serrano ham, york ham, sausages, cured meats, bacon, etc. It is an inspection equipment designed to detect defects or anomalies in individual slices, such as excess fat, oxidation or contamination, among others. This inspection is carried out by capturing images at high speed during the slicing process with the frozen product, having a total control of the production and allowing the rejection of groups with defective slices.

Another novelty is the Food Inspector, a device that analyzes any type of food before packaging. This quality inspection equipment is designed to verify the correct chemical composition of the food by means of hyperspectral vision and chemical imaging. The equipment is also capable of detecting any foreign body or defective product that is indistinguishable to the human eye on the surface, and can classify the quality of the product using in-line spectroscopy techniques. The example shows the detection of bones and tendons in pork cuts, as well as the detection of contamination and evaluation of lean/fat ratio in minced meat.

INSPECTRA awaits you on March 8 at IFEMA at stand 4E26, where it invites you to get to know the rest of the technologies developed for the meat sector, where they will help you find the solutions best suited to your needs.

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