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28 February 2022

Innovative vision and focus on internationalization, values shared by Meat Attraction and Jamón Ibérico.

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With its participation in the 2022 edition of Meat Attraction, , ASICI wants to convey to society in general, but also to the entire livestock-meat sector and its professionals in particular, the important effort being made by the Iberian sector and its companies to consolidate Iberian products as unique gourmet products through ambitious international projects. The objective is to improve its visibility and positioning, to value its quality and to increase its differential knowledge and that of its attributes, characteristics, and value proposition as an emblematic product of gastronomy.

For this reason, ASICI had to be present at a trade fair with worldwide repercussions such as Meat Attraction, which has managed to position itself among the most important in the agri-food sector due to its innovative vision and its unquestionable international projection, values that it shares with Iberian ham.

In this context, Interprofesional del Cerdo Ibérico has launched "Jamones Ibéricos de España, Embajadores de Europa en el Mundo", the most ambitious international promotion campaign promoted by the Iberian sector to date, with the decisive support of the EU and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.  With this emotional and sensitive initiative, it hopes to awaken the "Ibérico Sense" and win over more than 300 million consumers.

The sector has set ambitious objectives to position Iberian ham at the top of consumers' minds: to increase the share of Iberian ham sales by more than 20% in France, 15% in Germany and 10% in Spain. In China, it aims to increase exports by more than 60% by 2023. In Mexico, the goal is to increase sales by more than 40%.

These milestones are to be achieved through a solid set of strategic, informative, and experiential actions that will awaken the "Iberian Sense" around the world. A sense that elevates to another dimension the capacity to enjoy and that is born in the Mediterranean culture, uniting something as unique as Iberian ham and something as extraordinary as a special way of understanding and living life.

To awaken the "Sentido Ibérico" in consumers, an international network of chef ambassadors of Jamón Ibérico will be activated, led by the influential Michelin-starred chef, Mario Sandoval. These chefs, who are true international references in haute cuisine, will help to transmit the origin, culture and art of living that Ibérico Jamón Ibérico has to offer.

The three-year project also focuses on the sector's social commitment as a generator of employment, being the first European program to develop an official degree in Iberian ham and the art of slicing, through an agreement with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, which will generate hundreds of jobs around the world.

"Jamones Ibéricos, Embajadores de Europa en el Mundo" takes over from "Ham Passion Tour", an effective initiative that represented a giant leap forward in the internationalization of this gourmet product, surpassing all expectations. In three years, it managed to position it in the minds of more than 660 million potential consumers, which was recognized by the European Commission as a "case of success and correct execution" (Infoday, Brussels 2020).

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