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01 July 2021

Meat Attraction 2022 is the Spanish meat industry’s main promotional tool

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The priority deadline for participation is September 30, in order to participate in the first priority distribution of spaces on October 14.

The fourth edition of this trade fair takes a mixed approach, combining an in-person event on 8-10 March 2022 and the digital advantages of LIVEConnect, a powerful online platform for the entire professional community, which has many business initiatives aimed at keeping the Spanish sector as one of the world’s leading suppliers of meat and meat products.

Meat Attraction, the International Meat Sector Trade Fair organised by IFEMA MADRID and ANICE scheduled for 8-10 March 2022 is now accepting applications from participants. At the first Organisers’ Committee meeting, Raúl Calleja, director of the Trade Fair, announced some of the new features planned for the fourth edition, which has become consolidated as a sectoral event for boosting the industry’s positioning, development, growth and visibility. The trade fair is a “meeting place for the world’s best meat companies” and is designed to be useful and profitable for the participating companies.

Meat Attraction is inviting all sector companies to this great event, urging everyone submit their applications to take part before 30 September, the priority deadline for the first allocation of space during the meeting on 14 October.

Meat Attraction combines a face-to-face event with the digital advantages of LIVEConnect, a powerful online platform equipped with an artificial intelligence system that will be part of the trade fair as from this October. It is a tool for trade, both in terms of supply and demand, which enriches and advertises the fair in the run-up to the event with all manner of networking and professional interaction initiatives of which drive trade and knowledge.

Meat Attraction will include numerous commercial actions to position the Spanish sector as one of the world's leading suppliers of meat and meat products. In this sense, the fair is once again launching the Guest Importing Country initiative, with Japan and Canada as guests on this occasion, two of the markets of strategic interest for the Spanish meat sector, due to their size and level of development.

Meatplace International  is also being launched as a benchmark marketplace for the professional community. Once again, IFEMA MADRID will make significant investments in the International Guest Programme, which will attract buyers from all over the world selected by the exhibiting companies to Madrid to optimise their portfolio of business contacts during the fair.

Similarly, Meat Attraction is expecting a large number of buyers from priority countries at the B2Meat supply and demand workshops, organised by product category and buyer profile.

Exhibitors and visitors will enjoy the Product Area and the Auxiliary Industry and Value Chain Area, and specific spaces such as IbéricoLand, an area of the exhibition reserved for the Ibérico pork product sector, and The Butcher Shop, aimed at the retail channel.

Innovation and knowledge will also play a leading role in the Innovation Hub, the directory of new and flagship products presented by exhibitors, the Accelera Awards, to support companies in both the product area and the auxiliary industry, and meaTIC, a comprehensive programme of technical conferences, training and specialisation.

Meat Attraction will be accompanied by channels to provide information, visibility and recognition of the work of the operators throughout the entire chain, such as Meat Week. The activities in this area will offer information to the public about consuming meat according to a healthy and balanced nutritional philosophy, valuing the activity and responsibility of the sector to ensure the supply of safe and quality food to the population, as it managed to do during the worst moments of the pandemic.