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IbéricoLand, Meat Attraction monographic space for Iberian products

21 Mar 2019

The Taste of Iberian Passion will be the promotional message aimed at the international market.Meat Attraction, the Trade Show for the Meat Industry, incorporates IbéricoLand, a new specialised space dedicated to companies that sell Iberian pork products, both processed and fresh, in order to give a distinct identity to Iberian pork products in Spain, which are a fundamental part of Spain’s gastronomic offering, and promote the benefits of Spanish Iberian Pork Products in relation to aspects such as quality, food safety, traceability, labelling, the authenticity of an ancient European product in relation to its nutritional and health benefits and its respect for animal welfare, emphasising the importance of sustainability.In this way, the third edition of the trade show, which will take place from 17 to 19 September in Hall 10 at IFEMA, will bring together the main professionals from the entire Iberian pork sector value chain, as an instrument to promote Iberian pork products in the domestic and international markets, and all its commercial categories: cured meat, fresh meat and sausages. Ham, pork loin, sausages, chorizo, tenderloin, pork belly, etc. will therefore be some of the big stars of Meat Attraction 2019, both for domestic and international distribution, importers and traders, hospitality, and speciality retailers.With this objective, B2Meat, b2b meeting workshops between suppliers and international buyers, will have a dedicated Iberian pork space on Tuesday 17 September in Hall 10.

Meat Attraction, as a leading industry and commercial tool for companies, will therefore contribute to the promotion, visibility and space for the commercialisation of Iberian pork products, in addition to placing value on the importance and qualities of Iberian pork products, consolidating itself as an indispensable platform to enhance possibilities in the Horeca channel as well as in domestic and international retail.Francisco Javier Morato, president of ASICI - Interprofessional Association for Iberian Pork, affirms that “the initiative launched by IFEMA recognises the important economic and social dimension of the Iberian sector, with a turnover that is close to 2 billion euros and that is characterised by its strong relationship with the rural environment, wagering on employment and boosting the economy of small villages, helping to stabilise he population in areas at risk of depopulation. This initiative will undoubtedly help to increase the marketing, competitiveness and growth of the sector, generating business opportunities and access to new markets”.As well as promoting the positioning, visibility, values and benefits of Iberian pork products, the new space Ibérico Land will also contribute to the 10th World Cured Ham Congress which will coincide with the trade show. An essential event for ham professionals, from the point of view of both learning and networking.

A very simple and cost-effective participation format has been designed for Meat Attraction, which is all-inclusive (floor space and stand, from €1,801 for 6 m2), to help the industrial fabric of Iberian pork SMEs to take advantage of the great commercial opportunities offered by Meat Attraction 2019, and who can apply to take part at www.meatattraction.ifema.esOrganised by IFEMA and ANICE - National Association of Meat Industries of Spain, Meat Attraction 2019, with an expected turnout of 400 exhibitors and 20,000 professionals from 50 countries, has now opened participation applications on its website