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01 March 2022

IBERBOARD presents its sustainable cardboard packaging solutions at Meat Attraction

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Iberboard Mill, S.L.., a company founded in 1916 and the only manufacturer of graphic cardboard in the Iberian Peninsula, has been manufacturing and marketing higher value-added cardboard specialties for sectors such as food, luxury packaging, pharmaceutical and others for several years.

Within the framework of the United Nations 2030 Sustainability Goals, our mission is to offer environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, all of which are biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Among the novelties presented at Meat Attraction, we can mention the following:

- Heat-sealable trays for modified atmosphere packaging.

- Boxes for packaging meat products at cold and freezing temperatures with a moisture and fat barrier, designed to replace existing plastic or polystyrene boxes.

- Eco-Skin. Printable and customizable cardboard base for second-skin vacuum packaging of meat products, thus eliminating up to 90% of the presence of plastic.

Among our cardboard specialties, we will also present Hydroboard, with which we take the concept of sustainability to its maximum expression, being a reusable cardboard but with a limited life for its subsequent biodegradability, compostability or recycling.

All our products comply with the directives and regulations for food contact.

We look forward to your visit at booth 4E32.

Tel.: +34 977 600 461