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04 June 2019

A huge step for the entire internationalization of the 10th Global Ham Congress

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  • The website is already available in four lenguages: Spanish, English, French and Italian
  • Spanish cured ham has been exported to 134 countries in the last 10 years
  • Therefore, an international event in Spain is essential

For the first time during the 20 last years of the Global Ham Congress, the official website of this event is available in four different languages: Spanish, English, French and Italian. With this, the tenth edition of this biennial event will achieve the greatest international reach possible for a food that is exported to more than 134 countries, such as ham.

In addition, one of the thematic segments of the congress will be "the ham in the world", and will be composed of the following presentations: "evolution of exports in recent years some keys to export to PPTT" with Carlos del Hoyo, Director of Promotion of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, as speaker. And Naoto Watanabe, President of the Japan Cured Ham Association, will talk about "Spanish ham in Japan: the complacency of a large market after 20 years."

Facts about ham in the world

The geographical situation, proximity, cultural approach, economic environment, lower cost of the product and economic and political stability make the European Union (EU) the first destination of our exports. According to the data of the Spanish Serrano Ham Consortium, the 82% -84% of the ham exported from Spain, goes to the EU and the remaining 18% -16% is exported to third countries.

Since 1990 to 2017, the markets with best response to Spanish ham are: Germany and France. Germany is the first market in terms of product purchases with a big concentration of large distribution groups. They are almost 12 million kilograms sent today, being the presentation of the ham and the cutting service some of the most demanded.

Regarding France, it is the second most important market, with almost 11 million kilos, with a commercial profile similar to the German one, although in this case, they are more sensitive to the quality parameter. It is a market where the small and select business offers a lot of opportunities to quality ham and Iberian ham. In addition, it is the country where more Iberian ham is shipped in absolute value, due to the culture, knowledge, purchasing power and gastronomic concept.

Other important markets within the EU are: Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Italy and Sweden.

In conclusion, Spanish cured ham has been exported over the last 10 years to a total of 134 countries, exporting on average to a total of 110 markets each year.

That is why a such important congress should not be focus on just one country, because ham is very appreciated all over the world. Due to that, our claim is: "If you love jamón, you have to come."

About the 10th Global Ham Congress

The 10th Global Ham Congress will be held on 17, 18 and 19 September 2019 at Feria de Madrid (IFEMA), and will offer special content on this 10th anniversary.

It is the only sector event of its kind in the world, and it has been widely successful since its first iteration, held in Cordoba in 2001. It has been effective in gathering and sharing both the advances and concerns of the industry in a single forum, with the participation of more than 400 business owners and 150 researchers.

Objectives: to provide an in-depth analysis of the production, research and sale of ham; to present the latest news and trends on nutrition and gastronomy; to study specific areas of success and top marketing and sales tools that will help the sector to boost sales efficiency. With these actions, the Congress hopes to enhance the prestige of cured ham around the world, reinforce the relevance of a global benchmark sector and increase consumption.

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Claudia Doral and Laura Gil

Press Department