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28 February 2022

HPP technology for the meat industry

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Idus HPP Systems will exhibit for the first time in Meat Attraction to present the High Pressure Processing Technology (HPP) to the Spanish and international meat industry. Our team will be available to explain all the details about the application of this innovative technology in your products, from cured sliced ham, chicken and turkey products, marinated meats, cured sausages, duck products and more.

The HPP technology has some great advantages: shelf life extension, improvement in the product overall quality compared to other processing techniques, and even more important, food safety enhancement. With HPP pathogen microorganisms such as Listeria, E.Coli and Salmonella can be controlled in order to ensure the safety of your products, both fresh and ready to consume.

As a non-thermal technology, HPP improves the quality of the product keeping the natural properties of the product. Additionally, as a post-package technology further contaminations are not a problem anymore.

In this edition, visitors will be able to know more about our range of machines designed for all kind of companies. We pay special attention to startups and companies with reduced volumes that have limited access to this technology, thus creating low-capacity machines for them.

Come to visit our booth 4F08!

Phone: +34 948 318 157