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28 February 2022

HERMANOS CHICO GALINDO, pork specialists

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Hermanos Chico Galindo is part of the family group ACH (Agroalimentaria Chico) which, through its different companies, covers all the processes of the value chain of the pork sector, from breeding to the elaboration and distribution of pork meat.

At Hermanos Chico we produce and distribute high quality pork. And to achieve this, we select the best Duroc breed pigs. Its excellent nutritional and organoleptic properties make this breed the best option for the production of ham and loin pieces. Unique products distinguished by our Chico Duroc seal.

The main objective of this fair is to strengthen commercial relations in the national and international markets, as well as the search for new markets interested in the properties of our fresh Duroc beef.

We are aware of the increasing demand of these markets, that is why we have different external certifications that help us to sell our meat inside and outside our borders. One of them is the Certificate issued by Interporc that accredits the animal welfare and biosecurity (Nº: IAWS-I-050-1), the CALICER certificate of our Iberian product. Or the IFS Food certificate, which audits the processing, carcass cutting and packaging of pork meat both vacuum packed and in bulk.  All of them endorse us as a worldwide meat distributor.

In addition, in Hermanos Chico we want to be leaders in digitization, for them we have implemented a series of processes called "Our paperless factory" that puts in value the adaptation of the pork sector to this new way of working. This digitalized information provides Hermanos Chico Galindo with very important information such as animal yields, weights and product traceability, as well as optimizing the process when shipping the processed product. With its implementation we have managed to be finalists in the national awards for Connected Industry 4.0 granted by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism.

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