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08 February 2022

GRUPO TELLO brings its “Esencia” to Meat Attraction

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Grupo Tello Alimentación, a family company from Toledo with more than 50 years of experience in the production of meat products, will attend the next edition of Meat Attraction to present "Instantes" and "Esencia" (instants and essence in spanish), its latest novelties that respond to the new eating habits of a society that is increasingly aware of healthy and sustainable products, and in formats to be consumed wherever and whenever.

Grupo Tello's great bet, its "Esencia" range, an exceptional selection consisting of the references Duroc Cooked Ham, Turkey Breast, Chicken Breast and Westfalia Roast Ham, available in pieces and sliced, made with raw material of extraordinary quality. They have meat percentages of 94%, 80%, 90% and 92%, respectively, and are products of the highest quality, with a truly extraordinary texture and flavor. They are also free of gluten, lactose, coloring and added starch, and are one of the ranges with the least "E" in the market.

"Instantes", on the other hand, is a new range of cooked sliced products based on rigorously selected top quality raw materials, Extra Cooked Ham with fine herbs, Chicken Breast and Roasted Stuffed Chicken. They contain no gluten, lactose, coloring or starch; they have a high percentage of meat and come in sustainable paper packaging, which makes this new range a unique product, ready to be enjoyed both at home and on the go due to its practical 80g format.

In addition, Tello will present its latest individual piece freezing (IQF) technology. This innovative method allows products to be frozen quickly, efficiently and individually (up to 1,000 kg/h.); keeping nutritional values and organoleptic qualities intact.

Meat Attraction is a strategic event for the company, to strengthen contact with customers and suppliers, as well as authorities and institutions of the sector. All of them will be welcomed at stand 4C12, built with 100% recycled wood, true to its environmental commitment plan.

Tel.: + 34 925 400 205

Stand 4C12