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Grupo Tello Alimentación will once again be present at Meat Attraction

29 Mar 2019

Grupo Tello Alimentación will once again be present at the Meat Attraction fair, to be held in Madrid between 17 and 19 September. It is an opportunity to contribute to positioning the Spanish meat sector in the international arena and projecting it as a market with great production, innovation and export capacity.The main objective of the group for 2019 is to achieve the marketing of 50 million kilos of product, consolidating its strategy on the three mainstays of food safety, healthy eating and the technical and culinary quality of the products.

The company has established three main axes for growth: the launch of new, high-quality products for national retail, the catering industry and export. Transversally, Grupo Tello Alimentación is developing a new line of fresh meat with a range of fillets packaged for the domestic market and frozen for the international market, which will shortly be presented.

In 2018, Grupo Tello Alimentación experienced growth of 9 percent and achieved a turnover of 160 million Euros thanks to the marketing of 45 million kilos of fresh and processed product.

The constant renewal of products and an investment that exceeds €60 million in its facilities to develop new, cutting-edge-technology lines, manufacture high quality products and offer up-to-date distribution, have made this growth possible.

The export figures also rose. Thanks to the Group's effort and its sales strategy, in 2018 Grupo Tello Alimentación exported around 16 million kilos of fresh and processed products - 35 percent of the total turnover - to over 50 countries. This percentage grew compared to last year, which demonstrates Grupo Tello Alimentación’s know-how, also internationally.