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28 February 2022

GRUPO COPESE attends Meat Attraction with its brand new IFS and BRCGS food

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The meat processing center Hola Food,, part of the Grupo Alimentario Copese holding company, obtained in 2021 the International Featured Standards (IFS) and British Retail Consortium Global Standards (BRCGS) certificates, quality seals that serve to guarantee the safety of its food products and continue its expansion in the international market.

The IFS and BRCGS certificates will enable Hola Food, whose meat processing center is located in Villacastín (Segovia), to include in the market foods that meet all product requirements: legality, authenticity, quality and safety. And also to implement an export plan to countries on different continents. Both approvals are a fully recognized guarantee for food products, since they respond to high levels of demand in terms of safety and quality carried out throughout the process.

The CEO of Grupo Alimentario Copese, José Muñoz, was very satisfied with the new certification. "This certification allows us to guarantee uniformity in food safety and quality, which translates into improved productivity, as well as to minimize risks for consumers and process efficiency," he detailed.

These certifications will be used to boost the growth of the Grupo Alimentario Copese holding company. And, they are another step towards achieving the objective of becoming one of the leading meat companies at national level during the period 2020-2025, as well as having a greater presence in foreign markets.

Hola Food, as one of the largest meat processing centers in Castilla y León, already had a strong national presence. Thanks to the certifications, a qualitative leap will be made towards foreign trade. A strategic export plan will be implemented with already authorized destinations such as: Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea and Chile. Authorization is expected for other countries such as: China and South Africa.

About Hola Food

Hola Food is included in the holding company of Grupo Alimentario Copese. Therefore, it is heir to 45 years of experience in the agri-food sector.

The meat processing center is located in Villacastín (Segovia) and its facilities are a reference within the meat industry of Castilla y León.

The main objectives of Hola Food are:

To have a wide and innovative catalog of fresh meat products of the highest quality to improve people's nutrition and diet. This is largely achieved thanks to the main hallmark of Grupo Alimentario Copese: its integrated production process (IPP).

To become a national benchmark in pork butchering, following the standards of: innovation, quality, honesty, integrity, environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Although at present the meat processing center works mainly at the national level, its future projection is oriented towards international exports. Every day it works to obtain the most demanding quality and food safety certifications in order to create a recognizable and influential image in the foreign market that is linked to Spain's meat excellence.

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