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28 February 2022

GREENFRÍO presents its equipment for drying and maturation of hams and sausages

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Greenfrío is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of refrigeration equipment for the agri-food sector, composed of a team with decades of experience.

We are the first Spanish manufacturer of equipment for the drying and maturation of hams and sausages. We have an innumerable list of projects carried out not only in Spain, but also in many countries of the five continents.

Thanks to our policy of continuous improvement and our commitment to the environment, in addition to offering you the most advanced technology, we also provide you with equipment that works with natural gases or tax-free refrigerant s.

One of the best examples of the latest projects carried out that defines Greenfrío is a company located in France, dedicated to the production of ham of up to 24 months of maturation, as well as the production of various sausages (chorizo, salami, loin, coppa, rosette, ventrêche, etc.).

This facility consists of 12 newly designed centralized dryers, built with chassis and casing made of stainless steel insulating panels, EC radial fans and optimized refrigerated/heating coils.

It is worth mentioning the three direct expansion post-dryers of CO₂ and hot MPG at +33ºC. The rest of the equipment works with cold MPG at -5ºC and hot MPG at +33ºC. We have to emphasize that this is probably the first centralized installation of CO₂ dry expansion in drying processes, being this one carried out by Greenfrío.

The installation company with which we have collaborated, in charge of dimensioning the machine room and the refrigeration installation, is also directly responsible for the success achieved. In the machine room, we have CO₂ as a source of cold and we condense on an exchanger in which we also have glycol as an additional source of cold. As a heat source, we will find hot glycol and hot tap water (stoves).

On the one hand, we have been able to optimize the production processes thanks to the implementation of our automatons, which, in addition to managing the equipment, intelligently control the production processes. On the other hand, the project represents a further step in the environmental and sustainable commitment of this meat industry, which, thanks to the efficient refrigeration installation described above and the application of photovoltaic technology, has achieved a 52% reduction in electricity consumption.

Another great challenge successfully met.

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