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08 February 2022

GOIKOA to present GAM FAMILY, the new group together with ALEJANDRO MIGUEL and LOS ALECOS

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Since January, Embutidos Goikoa has been part of the GAM FAMILY group, a business grouping together with two other well-known operators in the meat sector, Alejandro Miguel and Los Alecos. This union is based on the collaboration of the three companies and the knowledge that each one of them has of the market.

With very similar profiles, all three have a long and recognized track record in the sector, specialization in strategic areas and proximity to the needs of clients and consumers. This similarity between the three has facilitated the meeting and has made possible the creation of this new group.

Thus, GAM FAMILY arises with a vocation to innovate, to grow, to serve consumers with ever-changing trends, but without losing one iota of its origin, a family origin based on work and effort, on doing things well, on seeking quality as the highest principle.

Cattle breeding, meat selection, production and commercialization are integrated in a single group, where Alejandro Miguel, Los Alecos and Goikoa give the best of themselves. From the selection of genetic strains to the most advanced R+D+i, through modern production centers where the whole chain is closed with the aim of guaranteeing the highest standards in terms of food safety and quality.

GAM FAMILY becomes, more than the union of three companies, a family project with a desire for continuity backed by the strong specialization of each member. A union of synergies that will allow us to continue being close to our customers, but with a greater capacity and agility to meet any type of demand, both within and outside our borders.

Goikoa, Alejandro Miguel and Los Alecos are looking forward to this new stage, in which we will continue to be the same as always, but collaborating within a stronger, more solid and integrated group, GAM FAMILY.


One of the main meat producers in Spain, specialized in chorizo sarta, cured, cooked and chistorra sausages. A family-owned company from Navarre founded in 1929 which, with almost one hundred years of history, has now become one of the top five manufacturers of sliced cured sausages in Spain, with a current production capacity of 12,000 tons per year and export capacity to more than 20 countries.

Alejandro Miguel

A benchmark in the sector for its commitment to Duroc pork, with which it manufactures an extensive range of products marketed under two brands: Alejandro Miguel, in the case of fresh meat, and Artysan, for processed products, with a wide range of products, led by its star product, Serrano ham. A Riojan company founded in 1944, it currently has production centers throughout Spain and is present in more than 30 countries.

Los Alecos

A company from Navarre dedicated to the production of pigs, mainly breeding and raising pigs with high added value genetic lines, which guarantees the highest quality meat. A work that, since its foundation in 1967, is based on animal welfare and sustainability. A company with almost 100 collaborating farmers, which has reference certifications in antibiotic-free production, and important awards such as the Porc d'Or.

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