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02 March 2022

GARCÍA MIMBRERO, Iberian products from Extremadura at Meat Attraction

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García Mimbrero is a family company of Iberian products, both cured and fresh, located in Badajoz, in the south of Extremadura. It was founded in 1956 by its founder, Mr. Rafael García Mimbrero.

We currently have a solid position in the sector and continue to develop with the firm intention of continuing to grow in the coming years.

In our house, we control the whole process of elaboration of the Iberian pig; being responsible for the whole production cycle. This ranges from the livestock management of our farms, the cattle, the elaboration of feed with our own formula, to the production of our elaborated products and the curing of hams and shoulders.

We know that the key to offer a homogeneous product over time and with a strong identity, is to have our own genetics in our livestock, thus making a product designed for the final consumer. A product easy to identify, honest and fulfilling the expectations of our customers.

In García Mimbrero we trust and believe in our work, considering our product a safe bet to satisfy the highest demands at a contained price of an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable public of the market; with a palate capable of judging and remembering the nuances that we can define.

In García Mimbrero, we know that taste has memory.

Tel.: +34 924 500 453

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