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08 February 2022

Fresh meat from TERNERA CHARRA, at Meat Attraction

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Ternera Charra is a Guarantee Brand recognized by the Junta de Castilla y León. Its basic product is fresh beef, certified by Certicar.

It has the following characteristics:

- Ternera/Añojo: it comes from animals born, raised and fattened on farms in Salamanca, Avila and Zamora.

- They have been fed with mother's milk and pastures of the area, with a production system typical of our pastures, at least during the first four months of life.

- Vegetable feed, plus vitamins and minerals, at least during the last three months of life.

Offering you Ternera Charra means putting in your hands meat of the highest quality and total confidence, guaranteed by an integral control of the whole process: from the moment the calf is born until the presentation of its meat at the point of sale.

The origin, breed, breeding process, feeding, slaughter, quartering and points of sale are controlled, all in accordance with the provisions of current legislation and the Regulations for Use and Specifications for optional labeling of the Mark. Always ask for your purchase to bear the brand's certificates and back labels.

For all these reasons, Ternera Charra beef is tender, juicy, with a delicate aroma, exquisite flavor and low-fat content.

In addition, Ternera Charra is committed to animal welfare under the Welfair Quality certification to offer the best product to the consumer.

With our presence at Meat Attraction, what we want to achieve is to give more visibility to our Guarantee Brand both nationally and internationally.

Tel.: +34 923 124 090

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