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13 December 2022

Food Safety Improvements for the Meat Industry

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At Meat Attraction we are launching Meet&Meat, a meeting and debate point for different professionals from the meat sector with a common objective: to face the demands of the market.

In this first debate entitled "Improvements in Food Safety for the Meat Industry", we have been able to know first hand the point of view of AVIANZA, Spanish Interprofessional Association of Poultry Meat, and INTERPORC, which represents the sectors of the pork value chain, with the presence of: Alberto Herranz, General Director of INTERPORC and Arán Zaldívar, Deputy Technical Director of AVIANZA.

In this debate they tell us about their commitments to animal welfare, what safety mechanisms are used in the pig and poultry sectors and where each of these sectors is heading in terms of sustainability.

They also talk about the commitment and good work of the meat sector, as Alberto Herranz points out; "we work together with a common goal, to transmit to society that we are essential sectors" and how the pig and poultry sector works to be a showcase and loudspeaker on issues of sustainability, animal welfare and food safety which, as Arán Zaldívar points out; "are the 3 basic pillars for and on behalf of the consumer".