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28 February 2022

EXAL FOODS arrives at Meat Attraction

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We arrived at Meat Attraction Fair with the illusion of sharing with suppliers and customers the novelties of Exal Foods, the corporate brand of Importadora Exal. It is an excellent opportunity to build customer loyalty and develop new relationships within the value chain. We are responsible for the entire supply chain to bring the best Argentine beef, for the integral management of the business in Spain and for developing product lines and brands according to our customers' demands.

Our cattle are raised in open fields and in a totally natural way in the Argentinean Pampas, one of the most extensive plains in the world. We work following a production and environmental care model, strictly complying with the "Good Practice Standards" defined by the Argentine livestock sector on reproduction, feeding, health, animal welfare and environmental sustainability. The habitat, feed and production model are the key to the excellent quality of our meat.

At the fair we will present our current portfolio of premium Argentine beef of the Pampeana brand, with products of British breeds, such as eye of beef or high loin special selection, low loin or narrow loin, sirloin, rump or rump heart, entraña, high loin or wide loin and rump cap or picaña; and Argentine Wagyu, a new line of business that we have recently introduced and that is available in PLS format, sold exclusively in supermarkets of El Corte Inglés. In this case, we are talking about traditional cuts and others such as marucha or shoulder cannon, overrib, presa, tataki, loin ball and rump or rump tail.

In addition to the current portfolio, we have the novelty of Argentinean beef and Wagyu hamburgers, as well as a new Argentinean beef chorizo criollo, which we will be offering for tasting together with a selection of cuts.

Following the strategy of constant innovation that characterizes us, this year we also present as a novelty the new brand: Esencia Criolla, which will be available at other retailers.

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