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Eurocarne brings the meat technology industry together at the MeaTIC Conferences

16 May 2019

Sponsored by Meat Attraction, they will be held in Barcelona (21 May) and Madrid (20 June and 17 September)"A journey to the future in the company of those creating it" is the motto of the MeaTIC Conferences, organised by eurocarne, the professional magazine of the meat sector. Their purpose is to serve as hubs for the meat industry technology sector to discuss what is to come.

With a two-fold theoretical and practical focus, these conferences include the presence of prestigious domestic and international speakers, who will discuss the latest technologies for the meat sector, as well as companies that will present success stories to attending professionals. There will be three events dedicated to different topics:

  • Digitalisation and automation. Industry 4.0 (Digitalización y automatización. Industria 4.0 ) (Barcelona, 21 May),
  • Packaging and sustainability (Packaging y sostenibilidad) (Madrid, 20 June)
  • Food safety (Seguridad alimentaria) (Madrid, 17 September, coinciding with the Meat Attraction Fair).

Digitalisation and Automation in Industry 4.0

The headquarters of the business confederation Foment del Treball Nacional (Via Laietana, 32) will be the headquarters of this first meaTIC conference on 21 May, to be held in the morning in Barcelona.

David Barreiro, a eurocarne journalist, will welcome the attendees before ceding the floor to the first of the presentations, by Narcís Grèbol, associate researcher at IRTA, who will be presenting "Introduction to Industry 4.0" in which he will talk about the challenges and opportunities that digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence present to the meat industry in an accelerated environment with changes to all areas of management.

Ignasi Papell, Business Manager for the EURECAT Food Sector, will focus on "Digitalisation and Automation of Processes in the Meat Industry". He will discuss aspects such as digital twins, predictive maintenance, machine learning, and also robotisation/automation, and AGVs, etc. Later, Alex Mason, Project Engineer at Animalia (Norwegian Meat and

Poultry Research Centre), will offer a presentation on "Meat Factory Cells: Toward flexible, robust and scalable automation in meat production". These are fully automated units of production, slaughter and quartering of meat for small operations. It is a new concept in which the process is done in stations, not production lines.

After a coffee break, David Martínez, head of the IT department of Ainia, will speak. He will offer a conference called "Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation in the Meat Industry: trends, solutions and practical cases". Throughout the presentation he will identify the technological and market trends that have shaped the current competitive context of the meat industry and examine both solutions and practical examples of digital transformation processes in the sector.

After that, practical cases will be presented. These will be brief "express" expositions lasting fifteen minutes each in which speakers from technology companies will comment on their most representative success stories. First, Pedro Susarte, from CSB-System, will talk about digitalisation solutions, followed by Frances Agustí, from Frontmatec. The third company representative is awaiting confirmation. Finally there will be a question time and a cocktail party for the attendees to do some networking.

The rationale behind the meaTIC conferences is that the meat industry is going through a profound process of transformation that affects the entire value chain, and it will involve even greater changes in the coming years. Issues such as climate change, new modes of production, technological innovations, changes in distribution and the demands of the consumers of the future will herald a transformation in the coming years that is unprecedented in our history, and it seems more necessary than ever to have an intellectual and practical debate about how companies should adapt to this new reality.

The meaTIC conferences are organised by eurocarne, with the sponsorship of Meat Attraction and the collaboration of Ainia, Eurecat, IRTA and Animalia.

Participation in these conferences is free by filling out a simple form on the website, or sending an email to .

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