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28 February 2022

Eresma, rural soul at Meat Attraction The rebirth of the Grupo Copese's brand of sausages and processed products

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Eresma, the sausage and processed meats brand of the Grupo Copese,, renews its image with an eye on tradition and its origins, on its rural soul. Of course, without losing sight of the innovation and strict quality standards that have made this company a regional and national reference, with a growing international projection.

Under the name of the river in charge of irrigating and filling with life the lands of Segovia where the company is located, Eresma makes its emblem par excellence the "Puente Grande" of Coca, which serves as access to the town. This bridge was built over a previous one of Roman origin. Built in the eighteenth century by the Community of Coca, it rises more than ten meters above the river, to which it opens in a single large half-barrel eye through which its waters flow.

During all these years, since its birth in 1993 to give name to fresh meats, hams, shoulders, sausages and traditional pots, the brand has gone through different stages with several changes of image. It has grown, evolved, and conquered new goals, but has never lost sight of its home, its people, its roots. In short, it has always maintained and enhanced its rural soul, an essence that defines Eresma and Grupo Alimentario Copese is its commitment to the rural environment and proximity.

After a turbulent time that forced to be reborn with renewed energy, the change of image has been carried out by the hand of Mon Estudio and Miltrescientosgramos agency, who wanted to promote the return to the origins of Eresma and Copese Group, always committed to the development of their land.

About Grupo Copese

Grupo Alimentario Copese was born in 1976 as a business project based on the commercialization of animal feed. The holding closed its 2020 turnover at 67 million euros. Currently, the company generates more than 350 direct jobs and more than 150 indirect jobs.

It controls 100% of the production process through different business areas -genetics, feed, pig farms, calves, fresh and processed products... - which make up what is internally called "P.I.P.": Integrated Production Process, without which it would be impossible to take on the challenge of quality and traceability that the company carries in its DNA.

The mission of Grupo Alimentario Copese is to contribute to improving people's nutrition by providing them with a wide and innovative portfolio of top-quality meat products, thanks to our integrated production process that allows us to transform vegetable protein into animal protein.

Tel.: +34 921 586 335

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