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Ensuring food safety is more complex than it seems

27 Mar 2019

In vulnerable industrial sectors, such as food and beverage production, the detection of pathogenic or decomposing micro-organisms can be a matter of urgency in ensuring consumer safety, avoiding damage to its brands and minimising the associated costs.

As an expert in these areas, Merck will be at Meat Attraction presenting equipment and solutions with high levels of quality and safety for all the requirements of food analysis and hygiene control at facilities in the meat production sector.

“As a global manufacturer,” says Miguel Angel Arroyo, Merck’s F&B FSS Spain, “we will be providing our full range of environmental control products (Air Control, Surface Control, Lumino-meters, ATP, etc.), which are truly comfortable rapid microbiological detection solutions (ELISA, real-time PCR without the need for special rooms or special training of personnel, our latest development) and highly consistent culture media that are manufactured in accordance with the most stringent regulations for the maximum levels of health in your meat products and brands.”

Take advantage of our smart and comfortable solutions to optimise your processes. We will be waiting for you at Meat Attraction at our Merck Stand.