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EMBUTIDOS LUIS GIL, being organic is not a fad, it is a way of life

12 Jun 2019

It is something that we want to make very clear, that today the current trend in companies is to impose the word "organic" on any product without it referring to any life philosophy but simply as a business gimmick.

For us, being "organic" is a way of life, because "we are what we eat".

That is the motto that 15 years ago lead us to get involved in the making of organic cold cuts and rearing organic fresh meat from our own pigs raised in total freedom and orgaqnically.

Both the company and our piglets live in the "Encinar de Ocón", a place located in the Valley of Ocón, covered by leafy Iberian and holm oak trees and surrounded by a privileged environment declared a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The feeding of the piglets is totally controlled because they eatthe acorns or fresh shoots of the holm oak together with the organic cereals we prepare. For its preparation, we establish agreements with the farmers of the area, thus getting to strengthen synergies, holm oak forest resources and trying to minimise as much as possible the impact of price and speculation on our finished feed products. We do everything we can to minimise the CO2 emissions produced mainly by transporting the cereal and maximising the care of the cultivated plots.

With this, we also foster organic farming in the area since the main disadvantage that farmers see in making organic products is how to sell them, and we commit ourselves to buying their production of wheat, barley, peas, etc., thus helping the development of the eco zone.

For all these reasons, our identity is based on producing an artisan product, a product that speaks for and about us, about our work, our production process and the quality of our products. And that is why we carry out the whole production process from breeding to the processing of the end product (care, feeding, butchering, selection of cuts, curing, packaging and distribution).

If, in a sentence, you could summarise Luis Gil, it would undoubtedly be showing "respect towards everything that surrounds us, enjoying what one does".

It's just not possible that all the major producers are now going in for organic production just to follow a trend: organic reserva, crianza and white wines!; organic aged, semi-aged and soft cheeses!; organic premium, spicy and light chorizo!

Because being organic is not a fad, so that's not why. We must make a distinction between one and the other, we must set the divisions apart.... Because we are not all the same...

And you, in which league do you want to play?

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