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ELPOZO ALIMENTACION reinvents the pork chop and the chef's extra-tender grilled pork

16 May 2019

Chef and presenter Sergio Fernández has collaborated with the company’s technical team in the development of these new products, elaborating recipes where the traditional is fused with the latest culinary trends.

Elpozo Alimentación, in its unyielding commitment to innovation, has developed the `Homenaje a la chuleta´ (‘Tribute to the Pork Chop’), adding value to one of the most traditional cuts. Chef Sergio Fernández has created three novel recipes: “Chuleta Extratierna de lomo al Romero”, “Chuleta Extratierna de lomo con Boletus y Trufa” y “Chuleta Extratierna de lomo estilo Andaluz” ("Extra-tender Pork Chops with Rosemary", "Extra-tender Pork Chop with Boletus and Truffles", and "Andalusian-Style Extra-tender Pork Chop").

In addition to these launches, the ‘Homage to the Barbecue’ will be a social and culinary event we can all enjoy with family and friends. Two new products have been launched for the occasion, with international recipes for a delightful barbecue: “Churrasquito Chimichurri” y “Churrasquito Arizona” ("Chimichurri Pork Chop" and "Arizona Pork Chop").

To create them, the broad spectrum of target consumers for these products has been taken into account. They’ve been made gluten-free, lactose-free and with no preservatives or food dyes.

Sergio Fernández is becoming the company’s fresh product influencer and is collaborating on the creation of recipes that combine traditional flavour with the latest culinary trends.

Elpozo Alimentación is once again at the forefront of fresh product innovation and positioning its Extratiernos (Extra-tender) brand as a leader at the butcher shop. It is currently immersed in an ongoing domestic campaign throughout the mass media.

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