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28 February 2022

ELABORADOS SÁNCHEZ IGLESIAS consolidates its position in the gourmet world

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Time flies, life goes by, but the memory of the good things remains in our mind and the passing of that time, sifts it and it seems to us that it was better.

Perhaps now that we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, and our lives are returning to "normal", after this pandemic that we have had to live through, and even though it may not be the same, no matter how much we return to our daily activities, deep down a sense (maybe the sixth one) tells us to live for the moment (Carpe Diem).

The beginning

Since we began to walk entrepreneurially with this project, we were not unaware of the difficulties involved because being a pioneer in a food activity with some manufactured products that despite everything is unknown to the general public, was a challenge that we faced with the greatest of illusions and above all maintaining a permanent level of quality.

The path

We always knew which was our path, which is none other than to bring in our products the excellence and quality in each and every one of them. This level of demand with ourselves, makes us pamper our geese, which remain free during the day in our poultry farm. They only return to the closed enclosures during the night.

The covid19

When we were just beginning our stage of business maturity, we suffered, like everyone else, from this damned pandemic, which made us rethink our future, as we had just over 5,000 geese on our farm at that time. We had to do something and fast. And so we did, thanks to the network of networks, we began to receive orders, which made us see that there is a market that if you offer quality and guarantee, they are loyal to the brand.

The future

Our quick adaptability to a different market has allowed us to leave reinforced and with new products designed for all those who visit us at our stands in the different events we attend. This circumstance leads us to be optimistic about the future with a brand already recognized in its own right in the gourmet world. 

Our Portfolio

We have incorporated new products with adjusted prices, maintaining our level of quality, of which we highlight the following: Rillete de oca, Goose cream with blueberries, Goose cream with fine herbs and natural goose pâté.

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