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Ecorganic Market, a new Meat Attraction area for organic meat products

26 Mar 2019

With the aim of responding to the growing demand for organic meat products, both in the domestic market and in other countries, Meat Attraction, the International Fair of the Meat Sector, incorporates a new specialised area, Ecorganic Market, aimed at companies specialising in these types of products. Thus, the third edition of the trade fair, which will be held from 17 to 19 September in Hall 10 at IFEMA, will bring together the main professionals from the entire value chain of the organic sector of meats and meat products. The market of organic meats and processed products has great development possibilities, to respond to growing consumer and distribution demand in markets around the world, following a path similar to that of other foods in our shopping basket. “The organic production sector has doubled its figures in four years. And that of animal production has not followed the path of plant production. That is why spaces like ‘Ecorganic Market’ at Meat Attraction are important in contributing to the momentum and exponential growth of the ecological sector of animal production,” said Álvaro Barrera, Chairman of Ecovalia.

In 2017, according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA, in its Spanish initials), a total of 3,539 organic beef cattle farms were registered in Spain, of which 65% were located in Andalusia, along with 2,004 sheep farms (72% in the Andalusian community), 536 with goats, 139 with pigs, 101 with chickens and other poultry or game birds, and 481 with other species. In total, the production of certified organic meat was 26,417 tonnes in that year, of which 16,641 tonnes corresponded to beef.

In terms of the number of meat processing industries and organic meat products, in 2017 there were a total of 454 companies, including 231 slaughterhouses and cutting rooms, 112 for sausages and salted meats, 62 for fresh meats and 49 for other industries. These figures represent an increase of 14.9% over the previous year, which certifies the development process of this sector and the business opportunities that this entails, based on data which is still modest in relation to the meat industry as a whole.

Likewise, the incorporation of organic products into the production and commercialisation strategies of conventional food industries is also contributing to the development of “organic/eco” initiatives, as recently highlighted by Javier Maté, Deputy Director General of Differentiated Quality and Organic Agriculture of MAPA, in an open day on challenges and opportunities in the meat industry held in Toledo.The organic cold meats market, still representing a niche market of limited size, is growing even above the average for the organic market as a whole in terms of large distribution, according to the study “Eco and Bio Consumption in Spain 2017” by the Iri consultancy. Thus, with a volume of 300 tonnes, it has grown by 26.6% compared to 2016. As a result, the Ecorganic Market space at Meat Attraction will represent an interesting focus of opportunities for all the industries present at this market and for national and international buyers interested in these types of products.Organised by IFEMA and ANICE - National Association of Meat Industries of Spain, Meat Attraction 2019, with an expected turnout of 400 exhibitors and 20,000 professionals from 50 countries, has begun to take applications for participation on its website