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13 December 2022

DORDAL bets on Meat Attraction

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DORDAL, as a leader in machinery and technology for the meat industry, values Meat Attraction very positively as one of our main platforms for meeting with our customers.

Although the pandemic has promoted digital connectivity, it cannot replace the personal contact that is so important to us. We will be very happy to welcome all our customers to our stand.

Given the current economic scenario, with high energy and raw material costs, a concern that we detect from our customers is the search for solutions that allow them to improve their costs and production processes. To this end, DORDAL, due to its experience and knowledge, offers a complete advisory service to determine the solution that best adapts to the needs of each client. We have solutions that allow cost reduction and fast and efficient processes to produce with the desired quality, from the butcher shop, with its own space at Meat Attraction, to the large meat industry.

Among the technology companies represented by DORDAL, a multitude of solutions can be found for the processing of meat products, automation and complete production lines.

At the fair, DORDAL will be present with its different solutions for processing and giving the desired appearance to our clients' meat products. To this end, we will be at Meat Attraction with:

- VEMAG: for stuffing all types of dough, portioning, forming and dosing. Lines for making hamburgers, meatballs, minced meat, sausages, croquettes or pet food. Stuffers such as the Sausage Linker, for artisan production, with numerous auxiliary devices, and the HP models for industry.

- HOLAC: dicers, pulled meat and all kinds of toppings with high performance.

- LASKA: mincers, mixers, cutters and grinders with the latest technology.

- FOMACO: injectors for precise brine injection, with the new compact M5 model.

- GRASSELLI: vertical and horizontal filleting machines for fresh meat.

- MAGURIT: guillotines for frozen blocks and strip cutters.

- MAUTING: ovens for cooking and smoking of all types of products.

- ASGO: robust and efficient mixers for the production of all types of meat products.

- KT: grinders for butchers and medium industry.

- DJM: innovative portioning, forming and coextrusion equipment.

- INOX MECCANICA: stuffing machines and tumblers with the latest technology to bind marinade or brine.

- FRIGOMECCANICA: for controlled drying and curing of hams and sausages. White room technology.

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