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28 February 2022

COREN will present its wide range of poultry production at Meat Attraction: alternative productions of the highest quality.

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Coren, the largest agri-food meat cooperative in Spain, will be at Meat Attraction presenting its poultry range, made up of differentiated products of recognized quality, the result of a production model based on raising animals with maximum welfare, respect for the environment and sustainability.

With a firm commitment to free-range and organic production, Coren will present at the fair in Madrid emblematic references of the cooperative as the Chicken Corral, from slow-growing animals, raised with free range and totally vegetable feed, based on cereals. It will also be present with its Organic Chicken, a free-range chicken of selected breed and with 100% feed from organic farming. And the Vineyard Turkey, one of the latest additions to Coren's poultry ranges, the result of innovation and years of searching for the best version of the meat: a turkey full of flavor and with the juiciness of grapes thanks to its feed with grape seeds.

In addition to the cooperative's traditional and best known products, Coren will also present at Meat Attraction its new poultry products, such as the Kids Range of free-range chicken, authentic tasty and healthy delicacies for children with the best quality meat in mini format (mini hamburgers, mini meatballs and mini sausages), also the Viña Kids Turkey (turkey breast medallions); and the Barbecue Range, which is just about to be launched and with which the cooperative is adding new tasty and quality products to its wide range of fresh products: chicken and turkey skewers, mini skewers of Corral, Creole and wings.

From March 8 to 10, the Coren Group will be at Meat Attraction with an interesting proposal that combines quality, tradition, animal welfare and sustainability, and bringing to Madrid the authentic flavor of the Galician countryside.

Come and discover Coren's poultry production at the Avianza Stand (number 4B13). And if you don't want to miss their pork production, be sure to visit the Anice stand as well.

Tel.: +34 988 36 94 00

Stand 4B13