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LA COMARCA held its 2nd Annual Trade Convention

16 May 2019

Under the heading "Commitment is Our Strength" La Comarca held its "2nd Momentum" during 6 and 7 April, a term that means much more than an Annual Trade Convention. In addition, this year it was a crucial meeting at which the entire team that makes up the company shared the commercial strategy for 2019-2021, which has been designed over recent months for the company's new project.

It's no accident that this convention was held just a few months prior to the opening of the new production centre, also located in Lorca, which is scheduled for October this year. Its technological resources are one of its great strengths, as they will position the company at the forefront of the Spanish meat industry.

The meeting, chaired by the company's Commercial Director Manuel C. Pérez, was attended by both the domestic and international Commercial and Delivery teams, with a major contingent present from all regions of Spain where the company operates - the Canary Islands, the Valencian Community, Murcia and Andalusia, as well as a representative from Portugal. This convention brought together the company's other departments, including Administration, Production, Quality, Engineering and Human Resources, as well as members of the Board of Directors. The highlights were the closing speech delivered by the Chairman, Alfonso Jiménez, and the presentation by CEO José Ramón García. The Business Committee was also represented by its own Chairman, Pedro Sosa, who took an active part in the proposed activities.

During the meeting, a summary of the company's results in recent months was given, which in 2018 showed 6% growth over the previous year.

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