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18 January 2022

The Butcher's shop, the space at Meat Attraction for the specialised trade

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Meat Attraction 2022, with the collaboration of Educarne, incorporates The Butcher’s Shop, the exhibition area of solutions and novelties at the service of the specialisation of butchers and charcutiers, which also brings together innovation and activities to raise the profile and prestige of the trade and contribute to the evolution of professionals.

From 8 to 10 March, The Butcher's Shop will showcase the cutting expertise and craftsmanship of butchers, charcuterie, poultry and specialised butchers, traditional trades that are reinventing themselves. This is a space where world-class references will be presented, in eminently practical actions, to attract the public and increase the number of visitors to the meat sector at a national level. In addition, encouraging the digitalisation of companies in the sector will be another of its goals. With all this in mind, this space will offer visitors a practical and attractive programme that will make their visit more dynamic.

The Butcher's Shop will host The Butcher's Shop of the Future, which will become a permanent meeting point for butchers, charcutiers, poultry and poulterers at the fair. It will reflect the establishment of the near future, in terms of design, management, control and digitalisation. 

Programme at The Butcher's Shop

Once again, this year, Educarne is joining Meat Attraction to organise all the activities aimed at professionals from the specialised meat and meat products trade, which will also take place in The Butcher's Shop.

On this occasion, the international guest visiting Meat Attraction is Renzo Garibaldi, considered by many to be the best butcher in Latin America and one of the best in the world. In addition, in this edition, the best butchers, charcuterie butchers, poultry butchers and specialised butchers will be awarded prizes, who will be able to demonstrate everything they are capable of in the three competitions that will take place in The Butcher's Shop.

8th March 2022

From 10 to 11.30am: Young Butchers Competition

This competition is held to select the best young butcher in Spain. The objectives are to promote and develop the level of training of young professionals; the exchange of knowledge and professional techniques; to give prestige to the young butcher, in the eyes of other professionals and society in general, and to raise the profile of professionals in the sector.

The three best junior butchers from all over Spain will test their skills in the technique of butchery and preparation. Only one will be the winner.

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From 12.30 to 2pm: International Butcher vs Chef Tandem

Renzo Garibaldi, considered the best butcher in Latin America and one of the best in the world, will perform live with the prestigious Spanish chef Íñigo Urrechu, owner of El Cielo de Urrechu and Zalacaín, among others, and presenter on Canal Cocina.

From 5 to 6 pm: 3rd Meeting of Women in the Meat Sector

For the third consecutive year and returning to the face-to-face format after the pandemic, the meeting of women working in the meat sector will be held around a round table full of successful carnivorous women.

9th March 2022

From 11 am to 12.30 p.m.: Best Artisan Burger Competition

This competition will allow the best burgers from the artisan trade to be tasted and tasted and one of them will be proclaimed number one.

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From 4 to 5 pm: Digitalisation Awards

The aim of this competition is to reward the best digitalisation projects carried out in local butcher's, charcuterie, poultry, and specialised butcher's shops, as well as highlighting and publicising those professionals and companies that are committed to improving their management and customer service through digital tools. The competition will consist of three categories: Best social media strategy; Best digitalisation project in an establishment, and Best online shop.

As part of the fair, awards will be presented to the best digitalisation projects developed in specialised shops, and a round table discussion will be held with the winners.

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Meat Attraction is co-organised by IFEMA MADRID and its strategic partner for this sector, the Spanish National Association of Meat Industries, ANICE, and has the support of all the interprofessional organisations of the livestock-meat chain, INTERPORC, PROVACUNO, INTEROVIC, INTERCUN, ASICI and AVIANZA, which is joining the fair and the organising committee for the first time at this edition, as well as the most representative sectoral associations, such as ANAFRIC and AGEMCEX.