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13 December 2022

AVIANZA returns to Meat Attraction with its campaign "European Poultry Meat, your smart choice".

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AVIANZA, the Spanish poultry meat interprofessional, will be present at Meat Attraction 2023 to present "European Poultry Meat, your smart choice", and to publicize the origin of the meats we consume.

An origin marked by the efforts of thousands of professionals throughout the integration chain, from farmers to production centers, veterinarians, food companies, logistics, marketing or those responsible for the companies that support our system and are committed to bringing our product to any part of the world.

This is the first European promotional campaign for Spanish poultry meat, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. A campaign focused on sustainability, because today we are a sector that has organically incorporated this essential premise in all our activity.

We have been working for years on sustainability, in its three meanings, economic, social and environmental, and Spanish consumers can be proud when they consume poultry meat from our country for all that has been achieved in this field. It is a value inherent to a sector that takes care of every detail, because every detail counts, everything adds up, and as a country with a passion for livestock and gastronomy, healthy and sustainable food is part of the Spain brand.

We are also part of animal welfare, because we are the first interested in our poultry being well, or in food safety, because our premise is that our food is safe and nutritious. One of the most demanding systems in quality, sanitary controls and evangelization among professionals and family is key to achieve this.

Sustainability at the three levels mentioned is based on the principle of responsibility to be more efficient every day: in the use of raw materials, in the formulation of feed, in genetic improvement, in feeding our birds based on natural products that allow the highest conversion rate, in being more efficient and responsible with the consumption of water and other inputs, in technification and digital transformation, in the rational use of energy. In short, we are one of the sectors most responsible with the environment and its resources. A commitment that gives more value to the work of the professionals who make it possible for the consumer to have quality and affordable poultry meat at home.

Let us highlight some data: the Spanish livestock-meat sector is working in a coordinated manner to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions attributable to its activity by 30% in the coming years, as part of its firm commitment to move towards environmental neutrality and compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And this is only part of what has been achieved.

Therefore, we encourage all those attending Meat Attraction 2023 to discover more about our sector, because eating Spanish poultry meat is "an intelligent choice", committed, responsible and... delicious.

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