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17 January 2022

ARTURO SÁNCHEZ will be at Meat Attraction

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ARTURO SÁNCHEZ is a family business founded in 1917 dedicated to the production of high-quality Iberian products. Faithful to the family legacy passed down through four generations, and improving this inherited know-how, their passion year after year is to create, in an artisanal way, from a pure and exclusive Iberian pig, unique Iberian products among Iberian products: Authentic Jewels of Gastronomy.

The family's star product is the 100% Iberian Acorn-fed Acorn-fed Ham, which boasts an extraordinary complexity of flavours, a truly special product from 100% pure Iberian pigs. The pigs graze freely in the pastures of northern Seville and southern Extremadura and are fed on holm oak and cork oak acorns. They are slaughtered when they are more than 22 months old, which ensures two "montaneras", something that is a hallmark of ARTURO SÁNCHEZ products. Subsequently, they are cured for more than 40 months in natural drying sheds and cellars. All of this gives them a deep aroma and flavor and a rosy fat that melts to the touch, making each piece truly exclusive.

The sausages made by ARTURO SÁNCHEZ are also singular and unique pieces, the result of his distinctive know-how. These sausages are made only with the noblest parts such as the prey, feather and secret for the chorizo and salchichón, and, in the case of the loin, only the best pieces are used to make this product. The seasonings and marinades used to create these pieces are the result of the family's ingenuity and know-how, perfected over the years. A precision that does not respond to mathematical measurements but to the skill that comes from experience. These sausages undergo a meticulous method of drying, in a bell in the heat of holm oak wood and are subjected to a slow natural curing process for more than six months. The natural casing and hand-tying of these fascinating products are a testament to the craftsmanship involved.

The quality of ARTURO SÁNCHEZ products is certified by numerous scientific studies, including a CSIC-CIAL study which confirms that the two "montaneras" that the animals complete, in addition to an exceptional and unique flavor, provide the products with properties that are beneficial to the health of consumers.

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