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Aqualife AFVT, misting system for meat display units

28 May 2019

Aqualife will be at the 3rd Meat Attraction to launch its new high-frequency misting system that keeps relative humidity (Rh) constant inside display units. This equipment creates optimal conditions to prevent dehydration due to water pressure differences. This prevents wastage caused by evaporation and improves meat quality.

Aqualife systems keep products fresh, preserving weight, brightness, colour and freshness. The system does not wet the display unit glass or meat. This means there is no need to cover food with plastic film. Consumers are more likely to buy higher quality, less degraded, more appetising products. The result of the system is healthier food, preserved naturally in an environmentally friendly manner.

Advantages of misting:

  • Products are kept moist with filtered, disinfected water.
  • Cold holds oxidation at bay.
  • Extends shelf life, keeping products in optimal condition.
  • Reduce wastage by 4%.
  • Proven increase in sales of up to 20%.
  • Profitable investment, reliable, durable and will pay for itself in a very short time.
  • Maximum safety, complying with current regulations (HACCP)

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