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ANICE promotes sustainable packaging in the meat industry

16 May 2019

The meat industry is committed to improving sustainability, supporting initiatives such as the preparation of the "Guide to Selecting Sustainable Packaging for the Meat Industry” (“Guía para la elección sostenible de los envases de la industria cárnica”), produced by Anice, the Spanish Meat Industry Association and Ecoembes, the Spanish eco-packaging organisation, to encourage and promote the recycling of packaging and improve its design in order to reduce environmental impact.

This guide establishes a number of steps that the meat trade can take to improve the recyclability of its packaging, as well as covering the main packaging innovations that are being developed for the sector.

The guide has been included in the Ministerio de Agricultura, Pesca y Alimentación (MAPA), Fisheries and Food's Platform for Comprehensive Food Industry Sustainability (known as Redsostal - Plataforma para la Sostenibilidad Integral de la Industria Alimentaria in Spain), since in 2018 it produced a saving of 48,810 tonnes of CO2 thanks to the recycling of containers.

The guide is a clear example of the strong commitment of the meat sector to the environment, and shows the work being carried out by the meat industry to minimise the environmental impact of packaging at all stages of its life cycle.

Stand 10D13