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01 March 2022

AGQ Labs to offer its complete analytical range for the meat industry at Meat Attraction 2022

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Since AGQ Labs acquired its laboratory specialized in controls and analysis for the meat industry in Madrid, this is the first time it has participated in Meat Attraction with a complete and comprehensive range of specialized products for the meat sector. The international group of agri-food and environmental laboratories has three laboratories in Spain and ten more in other countries with which it provides international analytical coverage to all its clients in the food industry.

Analyses for the meat industry are essential for a sector that ranks among the top five industrial sectors in Spain. The production of fresh meat and processed meat products is of great importance within the food industry, which is why AGQ Labs has completed its range and optimized its analytical processes to become one of the reference laboratories for the meat sector in Europe.

AGQ Labs is formed by a group of experts in microbiology, physicochemical analysis, contaminant control and detection of pharmacological residues in meat products. Pathogenic microorganisms in meats are of great concern because they cause potentially serious diseases, such as salmonellosis or listeriosis. AGQ Labs works with its clients in the control, hygienic design of facilities, personnel hygiene and cleaning and hygienic practices of facilities and equipment that are basic to prevent contamination by pathogens.

In addition, AGQ Labs offers technical advice in the interpretation of results according to specifications, legislations, and market needs. It offers inspection and sample collection services, and elaborates, implements, and revises Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) systems.

AGQ Labs provides solutions to the sector with all the necessary analyses for the meat industry, from microbiological analysis, so that the meat company can carry out its work with the peace of mind that its facilities, equipment and products comply with hygiene measures and are suitable for marketing, to a wide range of analytical services to guarantee the food safety of any food or raw material throughout the production chain.

Our objective is to protect our customers from possible food alerts and to maintain the value of the brand to the final consumer who will receive safe and high-quality products.

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