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28 February 2022

AGEMCEX, at the service of its associates at Meat Attraction

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Agemcex was constituted on June 28, 2000. One of the objectives proposed by the new Board of Directors of the Association of Spanish Meat Exporting Companies (Agemcex) is to help solve the particular and specific problems that our associated companies face daily.

Our companies from Alicante, Avila or Santander, to give a few examples, have in Agemcex the best interlocutor and "ambassador" before the different official organisms and public administrations.

This treatment, attention and individualized service to our associates is something that we have very internalized, and that, due to our idiosyncrasy, makes the problems of our associated companies automatically become our problems.

We understand that a professional association such as ours must have a clear objective: to be equally useful to all our associates. This, which seems so obvious, is often forgotten, and in some cases, some associations only work and function for a few... usually for "the big ones, forgetting the smaller ones".

Agemcex is a member of the Organizing Committee of Meat Attraction, as well as of the Boards of Directors of the Interprofessional Interporc, Provacuno and Interovic. It is also a member of the negotiating table of the Meat Collective Bargaining Agreement, participating in its signing.

Tel.: +34 690 006 360

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