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17 January 2022

Not sure where to start? 3 simple tricks to prepare for your next participation in LIVEConnect

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Meat Attraction LIVEConnect has become the largest trade community and social network for the meat sector.

It is very easy to be part of this new community that is created with the aim of increasing the visibility of the sector by boosting its commercial activity.

But if you don't know where to start setting up your participation in LIVEConnect, these simple tips may be interesting for you to get the most out of your participation for your business.

Take a look, put them into practice and tell us what you think:

  • Prepare your profile to stand out in the community

#LIVEConnect use a new artificial intelligence system that allows you to promote contacts related to your professional profile, which makes it a tool that generates leads and prospects that can become a great sales opportunity.

The more you take care of your profile, the more likely this advanced search system will generate higher quality results for your business, and that your profile will be more attractive to your potential new contacts. For this we advise you to take into account some key aspects:

- Use a recent photo: your audience wants to see a photo of you and "put a face" to that potential business partner. Remember that it must be a professional photograph, alone, with a good background and in the foreground.

- Tell us something about yourself: who are you? What is your professional experience? What do you expect from this experience as a member of the great community?

- Social networks: Social networks have become a communication and sales tool. A fast and fundamental communication channel for your business in today's reality. Add all your profiles, so your leads can easily contact you.

- Share your contact details: add to your profile all the communication channels you want and in which you have greater availability to serve your potential customers: mobile phone, email, your company's website, etc.

- Tell us about your professional profile: what company do you work for? What is your position? Who makes up your team? Tell us about your current company, area of ​​activity, products and brands, news, interests, challenges ...

  • Fine-tune your social networks

What is not communicated does not exist ... for that reason it is essential to promote your participation in LIVEConnect among your entire digital community to get the maximum dissemination:

- Plan your publications for all your profiles

- Post updates frequently

- Link your profile with your company file

- Invite your contacts to be part of LIVEConnect

- Publish valuable content for the sector

- Share content from other users

- Work on your creatives

- Interact with the community

Link your posts with @meatattraction profiles: Join the #MeatAttraction #LIVEConnect community to reach our entire professional audience ...

  • Invite your contacts of the sector to be part of the community

Don't miss anyone, Meat Attraction LIVEConnect is the key tool for all professionals in the sector. A source of sectoral resources and exclusive and current knowledge to all professionals who are part of the great value chain...

Do you already know who you are going to invite? ... Prepare a list and send a personalized invitation to all the contacts you would like to give the opportunity to access this content of great value and share this new experience in a digital environment specialized