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2019, the year of MEAT ATTRACTION

MEAT ATTRACTION opens its priority registration period on 8 January with the message "An appointment with the best meats in the world"

17 Jun 2019

In a strategic edition focused on Innovation, MEAT ATTRACTION expects to exceed 400 participating companies and 20,000 professionals from 60 countries. With innovation as the driving force behind the sector's transformation, the aim is to consolidate domestic marketing and the diversification into international markets to export our meat products 

China, Guest Importer Country of MEAT ATTRACTION 2019 

IFEMA is creating a trade fair group specialising in the agro-food sector, led by Raul Calleja 

IFEMA, together with the Spanish National Meat Industries Association, ANICE, and the Organising Committee formed by all the sector's agents, announces the third edition of the Meat Industry Trade Fair, MEAT ATTRACTION, from 17 to 19 September 2019.

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In line with and designed on the basis of the industry's strategic plans, MEAT ATTRACTION has become a fundamental instrument for the development, promotion and growth of the meat industry. Its roadmap makes Spain the main hub for marketing meat products at an international level. According to Raúl Calleja, Director of the event "MEAT ATTRACTION aims to place the Spanish market and its companies as the main suppliers of meat products in the world. Quality, diversity, guarantees, professionalism, production capacity, innovation and export, are the basic ingredients to build together an international platform of commercial contact between supply and demand. MEAT ATTRACTION is a platform that will bring value to the whole industry, and return on investment for each participating company. Together we are stronger and MEAT ATTRACTION is what unites us as a sector, enhancing its values and strength."

The event, which is moving to Pavilion 12 of the Feria de Madrid Exhibition Centre, will triple the space available for the exhibition, bringing together the highly comprehensive programme of parallel events (conferences, congresses, showcookings, B2Meat, ...) in the same pavilion.

One of the main differentiating values of MEAT ATTRACTION is its position as a top-down and specialised commercial event for the whole industry, from product to supporting industry along the entire value chain.

After the last edition's success MEAT ATTRACTION 2019 starts off with the best expectations. Last September, 163 companies and almost 400 brands from 16 countries participated, and 10,069 professionals from 43 countries visited, representing a growth of 28.9% compared to the previous edition. The forecast for this next edition, a year in which other specialised events are not being held, is expected to exceed 400 participating companies and 20,000 professionals from more than 60 countries.

These figures show the potential of MEAT ATTRACTION as a prime showcase and ideal commercial tool for Spain's fourth-largest industrial sector, promoted by IFEMA. IFEMA is the leading trade fair institution in the Iberian Peninsula and one of the leaders in Europe, and its Agri-foods Commercial Area leads such emblematic fairs in their respective sectors as FRUIT ATTRACTION, VENDIBÉRICA and EAT2GO (Take Away & Delivery Sector).

With a new graphic approach to the industry based on its health-promoting and positive values, the third edition of MEAT ATTRACTION will enable priority registration from 8 January until 27 March 2019, through . On 9 April 2019 the first priority space distribution meeting will take place for all companies and participants who have submitted their intention to be part of the Meat Attraction family before these dates.

MEAT ATTRACTION is adapting its "tailor-made fair" concept to each participating company's specific goals. Each exhibitor will have a whole range of tools available to them to obtain the maximum return on investment and trade, packaged in different models to simplify and streamline the entry process.

MEAT ATTRACTION, in line with the strategic plans of the Spanish meat sector, and with the aim of contributing to its development and internationalisation, has set itself the following priority objectives in its roadmap: to position Spain as one of the main international hubs for the marketing of meat products; to place the Spanish production and marketing sector as one of the main suppliers in the world; to promote the visibility of the industry and defend the interests of the industrial fabric; as well as to help foster the confidence of the market. In addition, the event will again implement initiatives such as MEAT WEEK, with activities in retailers, local markets, supermarkets, collectives and the Horeca Channel, which will help to generate consumer confidence and awareness about the vital nutritional requirement of meat eating and the culinary opportunities it offers us.

MEAT ATTRACTION 2019 will revolve around three strategic axes: Marketing, Innovation and Knowledge.

Marketing aims to provide the tools to help markets to meet commercially. "If MEAT ATTRACTION doesn't help companies to sell, it doesn't work. The focus is on ensuring the maximum quality of purchasing demand from the largest number of strategic markets for each category of meat product" says Calleja. Promotion in the top 30 international import markets, The Guest Buyer Program; B2MEAT meetings organised by product categories, and China (as Guest Importer Country) and initiatives driven by the demand channels (distribution, traders, importers and retail, collectives), the specialist retail channel, and the catering sector.

Innovation will be one of the fundamental pillars to highlight the innovations and developments in the sector and will be used as one of the main arguments in the invitations to sector professionals. It will be developed in spaces to enhance innovative entrepeneurship, such as the Innovation Hub and the Accelera Awards; conferences on innovation in each link of the chain, giving visibility to the exhibitors' developments, also through the Show's different information channels.

As for Knowledge, MEAT ATTRACTION, which in the coming months will be present in the sector's main events, will organise an intense agenda of meetings for professionals, some of the most relevant being the European Meat Distribution Congress, DISTRIMEAT; the MEAT&ORGANIC Congress; the 10th World Ham Congress; and the Conference on Automation and Digitalisation, MEATIC. According to Almudena de Castro, MEAT ATTRACTION's Commercial Manager "Each product category will have its own role and identity within the conference programme, as a key mechanism, where the meeting of sector professionals is also a key instrument for the development of the industry. We want to create an international professional community for the meat sector, providing year round value through content, events, forums, ..., and which has its major meeting from 17 to 19 September in MEAT ATTRACTION ".

Along with this privileged space for meetings, analysis and exchange of experiences, MEAT ATTRACTION is the best showcase for the latest developments in the sector. The event offers a wide overview of this industry, thanks to its sectorization, both in terms of Products (Fresh and Frozen Meats; Other Meat Derivatives, Cured Hams and Shoulders, Sausages and Cured Meats, Cooked Ham and Shoulders, Cold Cuts and Pates; dried, smoked, salted and prepared meat products; Prepared y Preserved Meats; Precooked and snacks, Meats and derivatives with quality certifications such as DOP, IGP, ETG, MG; ECORGANIC Halal and Kosher Market; Professional Associations and Promotion Entities and Media Area); and in terms of Industry and Value Chain (Industrial Installations, Machinery, Equipment and Services; Quality, Hygiene, Cleanliness and Safety; Machinery and instruments for cutting and processing; Packaging, Weighing, Packing and Labelling; Logistics, storage and transport; Ingredients, condiments and raw materials for processing; MEATIC which includes technologies, automation and digitalisation; Packaging; Commercial equipment and point of sale and catering equipment). Santiago Diez, Supporting Industry Commercial Manager affirms that "the technology, the Smart Factory, the logistics, the packaging, ,... the sector's entire value chain, adds key value to the product. A great product is enhanced by all the steps that are provided in the chain's process, and the supporting industries will have their specific invitation, specialised conferences, ... the supporting industries areaensures that MEAT ATTRACTION has a comprehensive positioning with respect to the industry."