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18 January 2021

The key points in the reform of the Papperino ice cream parlour

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Inspired by nature, the Iñaki Cienfuegos Décor studio has changed the image of Yon Gallardo’s ice cream parlour, which this year celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Iñaki Cienfuegos, director of Iñaki Cienfuegos Decoration

In his decoration studio in Irún (Guipúzcoa), the graphic and interior designer Iñaki Cienfuegos takes on works in very different styles, participating in all phases of the process, from idea and direction to execution.

His projects are characterised by a clearly defined aesthetic, consistency in shapes and ergonomics. Among his latest works we find the reform of the  Papperino ice cream parlour run by Yon Gallardo, speaker at InterSICOP 2019.

1.- Is interior design an important aspect of ice cream parlours?

Interior design is essential in an ice cream parlour and in any type of establishment. It is important to have a clearly defined business image that has its own identity, since, depending on the result, it will have a greater or lesser effect on the consumer and differentiate us from the rest.

2.-  Can it be used to tempt new customers?

It is always important to have a good image in a new business or to renovate establishments with a history, since the image is the first draw for the consumer, it is the first sensation that enters the retina and can give us a stronger or weaker invitation to enter and consume.

3.- What are the secrets to making the design of a premises work?

Good design, good distribution and good lighting are the fundamentals in my work, after which other aspects that are not in my hands start to intervene, such as a good product, good management and good service and charm.

4.- What are the current trends in ice cream parlour design? Luxury? Practicality? Modern, rustic or urban premises?

The current trend is that of modern, light, fresh, innovative spaces, which are not overloaded and where the product is the protagonist.

Success story: Papperino

Coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the establishment, Yon Gallardo called me to tell me about his project to radically change the premises. He was looking for a new image for his establishment and we immediately got down to work. The truth is that it has been a pleasure working with an artist like him.

“The design process was not too long because we connected immediately”

The project lasted almost seven months, from the day Yon contacted me until the parlour opened to the public, and we went through the design, brainstorming, material selection and execution phases, with a really satisfactory result.

The design process did not take too long because we immediately connected in terms of concepts and ideas, which, after being reflected in plans and infographics or 3D designs, were set in motion until we reached the result that you can see here.

Nature as inspiration

I was inspired by nature, representing the counter as a large block of ice on which the different flavours of ice cream are exhibited, surrounded by wood that represents the forest trees and the LED lighting that represents the sun’s rays.

I wanted everything to be related to nature, also taking inspiration from the natural ingredients that Yon uses in his ice creams.