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21 April 2020

Tarte Tatin, a new flavour from Gelati Dino

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The brand has been inspired by the traditional Tarte Tatin.

Taking inspiration from the traditional French Tarte Tatin, InterSICOP exhibitor Gelati Dino has created a new flavour of ice cream: Tarte Tatin.

Unlike with apple pie, the apples in Tarte Tatin are caramelised in butter and sugar. In addition, the baking process is reversed: caramelised apples are placed underneath, the shortcrust pastry is placed on top, and, once cooked, it is placed on the plate upside-down. 

In the Gelati Dino version, this delicious tart is presented as a creamy biscuit ice cream accompanied by caramelised apple jam with a touch of cinnamon, along with a lotus biscuit crumble that gives it crunch.