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Tarte Tatin, a new flavour from Gelati Dino

The brand has been inspired by the traditional Tarte Tatin.

21 Apr 2020

Taking inspiration from the traditional French Tarte Tatin, InterSICOP exhibitor Gelati Dino has created a new flavour of ice cream: Tarte Tatin.

Unlike with apple pie, the apples in Tarte Tatin are caramelised in butter and sugar. In addition, the baking process is reversed: caramelised apples are placed underneath, the shortcrust pastry is placed on top, and, once cooked, it is placed on the plate upside-down. 

In the Gelati Dino version, this delicious tart is presented as a creamy biscuit ice cream accompanied by caramelised apple jam with a touch of cinnamon, along with a lotus biscuit crumble that gives it crunch.