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18 January 2022

In Spain, people drink an average of 2.2 coffees a day and opt for capsules

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87 percent of the Spanish population between 18 and 64 years of age drink coffee and 70 percent do so daily. The average is 2.2 cups a day and the preferred place is at home (61 percent), followed by bars or restaurants (26 percent) and work (21 percent). Likewise, consumption is concentrated at breakfast (76 per cent) and after lunch (61 per cent), according to the "I Study on coffee drinking habits in Spain" carried out by Cafés Novell.

As age increases, consumption increases and only after the age of 55 does it start to decrease slightly. The age group that drinks most regularly is 45 to 54 (93 percent), followed by adults aged 35 to 44 and 55 to 64 (89 percent). Finally, 78 percent of respondents aged 18-34 say they drink it regularly.

Capsule coffee has become the coffee of choice for Spaniards. Seven out of ten households use a capsule coffee machine, and more than half (56 per cent) use it every day or almost every day, as 84 per cent of those interviewed think it is cleaner and 89 per cent think it is quicker and simpler. Despite this predilection, 79 percent consider it necessary to change their capsule coffee consumption habits to protect and maintain the environment.