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20 April 2020

Panamar gives added value to sandwiches

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The premium range of pan cristal or glass bread is characterised by a Mediterranean flavour and a crisp, thin crust.

The Panamar brand from Grupo Panstar, an exhibitor at InterSICOP, is positioned as a great ally for the food industry with its premium range of pan de cristal or glass bread, made with 100% natural ingredients. The range includes Bocadillo Cristal Mediterráneo 140 g bread, which provides added value to sandwiches, the hospitality industry staple.

Pan cristal stands out with its crisp, thin crust, light crumb and a Mediterranean flavour that is made possible thanks to the inclusion of olive oil and sourdough in the recipe. A slow baking process and high hydration are key to the characteristic bubbles and aroma of this quick-to-prepare range that can be thawed and baked in just a few minutes.