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Internet of things, the latest technological revolution in the world of professional coffee machines

Society has been changing and progressing in recent years, and technology is leading the way. This has changed people's lifestyles, and the way we communicate, shop and consume. These technological advances have also reached the professional coffee machine market, a sector where companies want to offer hotels, bars and restaurants modern, productive and environmentally-friendly machines. In Spain, there are around 30 companies that manufacture and distribute professional coffee machines, among which are Quality Espresso, Evoca Iberia, Iberital, Spaziale and Seb Professional Iberia, according to figures compiled by Alimarket Hotels and Restaurants.

19 Mar 2020

Technological innovations have shaped society, changing people’s everyday habits, such as the way we communicate, use transport, make purchases and consume, and the way we approach tasks, jobs and processes. These advances have also reached the HoReCa professional coffee machine market, a sector determined to keep up with the times in which companies want to provide hotels, bars and restaurants with modern, more productive and more environmentally-friendly machines. Among these manufacturers and distributors are Quality Espresso, Evoca Iberia, Iberital, Spaziale, Nespresso Professional and Seb Professional Iberia.

With integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and touch screens are among the latest technical innovations built into coffee machines for the hospitality industry. Innovative coffee machines have been brought to market over the last few months, such as 'La Radiosa' by Gaggia Milano (Quality Espresso), a super-automatic with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity that enables absolute control over the equipment and its uses. ‘La Reale', also by Gaggia Milano, and the 'Futurmat Sensius Gold' are among the newest models available from Quality Espresso. 

Another example of an innovative professional coffee machine is the 'Vision' model, launched by Iberital, which has earned worldwide acclaim for its design and advances, winning six awards. This is no ordinary-looking coffee machine, since it includes a tablet with a user-friendly app for controlling all the machine settings, saving time and giving the barista great flexibility, according to the Barcelona-based manufacturer.

But innovations in the professional coffee machine market go beyond launching innovative machines. They also  involve the development and application of new technology in these devices. Including the Internet of Things (IoT) is one of these enhancements. In this regard, Quality Espresso is one of the first companies to develop an IoT-connected system with Smartia, a smart connectivity system, which enables total remote control and management of coffee machines. Smartia works through a web access that offers the possibility to monitor, manage and analyse KPIs, displayed by integrated graphics in an “intuitive dashboard”, to track customers’ behaviour and consumption, schedule refills and preventive maintenance, control assets through geolocation, maximise earnings and reduce costs. Other manufacturers, like Seb Professional Iberia, have also installed it in all their products. 

Although it may seem that the bulk of the latest developments in professional coffee machines for catering are technological, manufacturers are continuing to work on sustainability and the environment as well. They are doing this by installing technologies that make machines more efficient and save more energy. One example of this is Iberital IB EcoSmart technology, which can be built into any device and cut energy consumption by up to 68%.

All these technical applications have advantages for the HoReCa sector and its daily coffee making activities, including simple, easy-to-use machines, advanced control over equipment, data collection to track, for example, consumption patterns, lower costs, faster troubleshooting, no need for specialised coffee making knowledge, saving energy and, of course, higher-quality coffee, aspects that are important to the manufacturers and distributors surveyed by Alimarket Hotels and Restoration.

Regarding the future of the professional coffee machine market, manufacturers and distributors agree that the current trend will continue with a clear commitment to technology, special emphasis on connectivity, and greater awareness of sustainability and respect for the environment.