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08 February 2022

Diakros introduces the latest version of DiErp: 360° Management

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Its DiErp management platform guarantees total control of the business, increased productivity and significant savings in time and money.

Diakros, a Spanish company with more than 6000 customers on 3 continents, returns to InterSICOP this 2022 to unveil the latest version of its DiERp All-in-One management platform. 

It is a modular solution consisting of a total management ERP system and an ecosystem of integrated applications that allow to cover all needs and monitor all facets of a business.

Regardless of the business model: single bakery; bakery with retail sales; bakeries; pastry shops; cafeterias; sales to third parties with own delivery or customized deliveries at different delivery points, etc., this platform allows you to manage everything (inventory, traceability, sales and delivery routes...) from a single place and in real time

Moreover, being a modular solution, you only pay for what you use.

At its booth, Diakros will conduct live demonstrations where visitors will be able to see how this solution and the different APs work: 

  • how this solution and the different APPs work, 
  • how it solves the needs of the different business formulas in the sector, 
  • how it simplifies the management of traceability and allergens, how it helps to increase productivity
  • how it helps to boost productivity, optimize processes and save money, and time