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09 February 2022

Callebaut: dips and stracciatellas for all tastes

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The brand puts its latest creation, 5 Ice Chocolates, at the service of the ice cream parlour.

Callebaut is exhibiting at InterSICOP 2022 with important innovations for ice cream and pastry. One of the highlights is 5 Ice Chocolates, a line of chocolates marketed in the form of pearls, specially conceived for ice cream parlors. With their marked differences in flavor, fluidity, and color, they give a good idea of the heterogeneity of chocolates offered today by this brand for the ice cream professional. The references are 811 dark chocolate (56.4% cocoa), milk chocolate (40.7%), Ruby pink (53.6%), Gold blond (35.9%) and white chocolate (38.5%). These are five attractive options with which to make fun stracciatella and frozen chocolate baths.