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Arotz frozen fruit purees, additive-free and long-lasting

During the health crisis, this national manufacturer has reduced the minimum order size from the factory, showing its solidarity with ice cream makers and confectioners.

22 Jun 2020

The national fruit puree manufacturer Arotz, which will be an exhibitor at InterSICOP, wants to become the most accessible supplier for ice cream makers and confectioners during the coronavirus crisis. For this reason, it has reduced the minimum order size from its factory "combining our extensive catalogue containing 36 flash-frozen fruits and 32 varieties of fruit purees in 1 kg or 5 kg sugar-free format from a quantity of 200 kg to 120 kg as a minimum order”, the company explains. 

Arotz, which has the IFS (Industry Food Standard) certificate, has been making natural frozen fruit purees without additives or preservatives for eight years, selecting the fruit at its optimum point of maturity and using the minimum amount of sugar. They are ideal products for semi-cold desserts, ice creams, sorbets or coulis, which guarantee maximum food safety, since they do not need handling, avoiding possible contamination, losses and extra hygiene and preservation costs. Likewise, their long duration and competitive price compared to fresh fruit makes them a good option for all those professionals who are gradually recovering their full business activity.