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Albaré enhances the flavour and aroma of Piedmont hazelnut

This smooth gluten-free paste from the Corilanga cooperative contains Piedmont PGI hazelnut and Italian extra-virgin olive oil.

20 Apr 2020

Corilanga, an InterSICOP exhibitor, is a young agricultural cooperative created in 2010 with the purpose of producing, transforming, selling and adding value to the Piedmont PGI hazelnut. 

In the pastry category, its latest launch is Albaré, a smooth gluten-free paste that enhances the intense aroma and flavour of the hazelnut. Ideal with a glass of Moscato wine after lunch, to enjoy by itself at any time of the day, or accompanied by a good cup of coffee.

Each Albaré, made with 46% Piedmont PGI hazelnut, sugar, egg white, 3% Italian extra-virgin olive oil and potassium sorbate, is individually packaged to maintain its properties and aroma for an extended period.