What is Fundación ARCO?

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Fundación ARCO

Fundación ARCO, established in 1987, aims to promote collecting and research and dissemination of contemporary art. Promoted by IFEMA and consisting of the Madrid City Council, the Community of Madrid, the Montemadrid Foundation and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, it is a structure that complements the informative nature of the ARCOmadrid International Contemporary Art Fair and by extension ARCOlisboa.

Since its inception, Fundación ARCO has actively participated in the development of collecting in Spain, modernising it and opening it up to new possibilities beyond the traditional Spanish domestic market. It has also been a participant in its professionalisation, highlighting the importance of being able to draw on the knowledge of curators and experts when collecting. Under these premises, the Fundación ARCO Collection itself gathers works acquired in each edition of ARCO, and has drawn on the advice of professionals from the art world such as the Dutch critic Edy de Wilde who laid the foundations of the collection, characterised by its international and contemporary nature. Also involved are other international professionals such as Ferrán Barenblit, Iwona Blazwick, Sabine Brietwiesser, Dan Cameron, María de Corral, Jan Debbaut, José Guirao, Miguel von Hafe, Chus Martínez, Gloria Moure, Adriano Pedrosa, María Inés Rodríguez, and Manuel Segade among others.

The pieces in the Fundación ARCO Collection represent one of the most outstanding collections of contemporary art in the country that, from its origins, aims to serve as an example to other institutions when acquiring works in ARCOmadrid and ARCOlisboa, in addition to encouraging the collecting of contemporary art and boosting the market around the Fair.