Why exhibit?

Why Exhibit?

• It is an instrument that makes it possible to connect all cold food sector stakeholders together, with logistics and transport solutions and technologies for fresh products.

The only hyper-specialised, professional trade event in the European Union that will bring together the full gamut of logistics and mobility solutions for the perishable food industry, gathering the entire food chain under the same roof, from origin to consumer (fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, fish, frozen products...).

Organized by IFEMA MADRID – Agrifood Area, which has extensive experience in the agrifood sector (Fruit Attraction, Meat Attraction, InterSICOP...) for international marketing and distribution of perishables.

• In order to harness international synergies and potential, this edition of the trade show will be held as part of Fruit Attraction, the International Fruit and Vegetable Trade Show, at which there were more than 1,300 exhibiting companies and 65,000 trade participants from 110 countries at the last show. In this year's show, Fruit Attraction will occupy the entire central venue, with the northern part of Hall 6 hosting the Fresh Food Logistics Trade Show.

In this new edition, Fruit Attraction brings together professionals from across the entire fresh product value chain under a hybrid "phygital" event format that enhances the effectiveness of an attended event thanks to technology.

Have you heard of Fruit Attraction LIVEConnect?

LIVEConnect is the perfect tool to enhance visibility and generate business leads anywhere in the world.

It's a digital platform has become the number one professional community and social network in the world for the entire fruit and vegetable sector value chain.

A digital ecosystem that combines an exhibition area, a products and services marketplace, a professional contact network, networking and business opportunities, online b2b, chat, e-calls, and an ongoing programme of conferences, forums and debates on international markets and categories of products and services.

• Celebration of Fresh Food Logistics THE SUMMIT: a large sector-specific congress co-organised with Alimarket on 4 and 6 October at the IFEMA MADRID.

• Extensive monothematic programme of technical conferences.